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High frequency pulsed microjet actuation
Thermal Analysis of a Solar Water Distillation and Electricity Generation          System
Dynamic Modeling and Motion Planning for Robotic Skid-Steered Vehicles
Piezohydraulicactuator Development Foractive Microjet Flow Control
Pressure Difference and Temperature Variation Through Orifice Plates in Helium II Forced Flow
Photo-Crosslinking, Bio-Inspired Terpolymer Adhesives Intended for Medical Applications
Characterization of Sapphire
Low-Cost Concentrating Solar Collector for Steam Generation
Supersonic Flow and Its Control over Highly Three-Dimensional Cavities
Bite-Force Generation and Feeding Biomechanics in the Loggerhead Musk Turtle, Sternotherus Minor
Nonlinear Thermomechanics and Photomechanics of Liquid Crystal Polymers
Control of the Stiffness of Robotic Appendages Using Dielectric Elastomers
Characterization and Optimization of Running with Curved Legs
Dynamic Legged Robots for Use in Multiple Regimes
Supersonic Impinging Jet Noise Reduction by Ground Plane Acoustic Treatment
Uncertainty Quantification and Data Fusion Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory
Additive Manufacturing Acrylic for Use in the 32 Tesla All Superconducting Magnet
Computational Multi-Physics Modeling of Adaptive Materials
Fatigue Behavior of Nb₃Sn Composite Strands Used for Iter Magnets
Broadband Microjet Flow Control Using Piezoelectric Actuators
High-Bandwidth Unsteady Microactuators for Active Control of High-Speed Flows
Terrain Classification for Autonomous Ground Vehicles Using a 2D Laser Stripe-Based Structured Light Sensor
High-Frequency, Resonance-Enhanced Microactuators with Active Structures for High-Speed Flow Control
Graph Based Approach to Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with Application to Combustion Control and Flow Control
Study of Nanostructured Cu-Ag Composites
Dynamic Modeling and Power Modeling Forrobotic Skid-Steered Vehicles
Hard Magnetic Materials without Rare Earth Elements
Spatial Optimal Disturbances in Turbulent Boundary Layers
Piezoresistivity of Mechanically Drawn Swcnt Thin Films
Phase Equilibria of Fe-C Binary Alloys in a Magnetic Field
Active Control of Wingtip Vortices Using Piezoelectric Actuated Winglets
Network-Theoretic and Data-Based Analysis and Control of Unsteady Fluid Flows
Use of Resolvent Analysis for Design of Active Separation Control with Thermal-Based Actuators
Ultra Fine Grained Production in RRR Niobium for RF Cavities by ECAE
Application of Artificial Intelligence to Rotating Machine Condition Monitoring
Method to Predict Circulation Control Noise
On the Stability and Control of a Trailing Vortex
Steady-State Stability Analysis of Uniform Synchronous Power Grid Topologies
Novel FT-ICR Ion Trap for Ultra-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Its Biological Application