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Retroflection from Slanted Coastline Modeling Rings Injection into the South Atlantic          during Glacials/Interglacials
Water Mass Exchange Between the Weddell Gyre and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Labrador Sea Water Circulation in the Northern North Atlantic Ocean
Robustness of the Heat Released from the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Cell to the Atmosphere
Towards Improved Capability and Confidence in Coupled Atmospheric and Wildland Fire Modeling
Important Contributing Factors for Estimating the Active and Total Whitecap Coverage Globally Using Satellite-Derived Parameters
High Resolution Microclimate Study of Hollow Ridge Cave
Impact of Marine Cold-Air Outbreaks on the Rate of Oceanic Heat Storage in the Gulf of Mexico
Asymptotically Preserving Method for Multiphase Flow
arrested Agulhas retroflection
Interannual Flow off Southern California and Its Influence on Water Properties and          Marine Life.
Bering Strait and the Southern Ocean Winds' Grip on the World Climate
Characterization of Preconditioning for Ocean Deep Convection in the Sea of          Japan
Topographic Effects on Wind Driven Oceanic Circulation
Speleothem Paleoclimatology and Modern Speleochemistry Proxies
New Dynamical Explanation for the Abrupt Temperature Rise in the Beginning of the Holocene
Annual to Interannual Barotropic Variability in the Atlantic Western Boundary
Effects of Finite Amplitude Bottom Topography on Ocean Variability
Generation of Cold Core Filaments and Eddies Through Baroclinic Instability on a Continental Shelf
Parallel Grid Generation and Multi-Resolution Methods for Climate Modeling Applications
Deep Circulation in the Eastern South Pacific Ocean
Evaluation of Surface Heat Flux Uncertainties and Their Impacts on the Study of Ocean Mixed Layer Temperature Variability
Seasonal Along-Isobath Geostrophic Flows on the West Florida Shelf with Application to Karenia Brevis Red Tide Blooms
Multiyear Eulerian Current Observations Near the Florida Big Bend Coast
Wildfire Dynamics
Interannual Flows along Australia's Western and Southern Coasts and along the Northern Coast of the Gulf of Mexico
Data Analysis and Numerical Modeling of Seawater Intrusion Through Conduit Network in a Coastal Karst Aquifer
Local Cooling Despite Global Warming