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Itcz And The Seasonal Cycle Over Equatorial Africa
Investigation of Mesoscale Convective System Activity over Western Equatorial Africa
Climatological Characteristics of the Jet Streams over West Africa
Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Variations of Surface Albedo over Africa
Determining the Characteristics of Anvil and Thunderstorm Lightning for Use in the Lightning Launch Commit Criteria at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy          Space Center
African Easterly Waves and Their Relationship to Rainfall on a Daily Timescale
Investigating the Use of Polarimetric Radar Data as Forecast Guidance for Lightning Cessation at Kennedy Space Center
African Easterly Jet
Diagnosis of the Asian Summer Monsoon Variability and the Climate Prediction of Monsoon          Precipitation via Physical Decomposition
Relationship of Interannual Variability in Western Equatorial Africa to the Tropical Oceans and Atmospheric          Circulation
Examination of Boreal Summer Sahel Rainfall Variability in the Context of the Tropical Easterly Jet
Examining Interannual Variability of the Short Rains for Different Categories of Wet and Dry Years
Examination of El Niño and La Niña Teleconnections to Sahel and Guinea Coast Rainfall in the Context of the 1968 Rainfall Regime Change
Diagnosis of the Marine Stratocumulus Cloud Variablity in the Annual Cycle over the Eastern Tropical Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
Observational Analysis and Retrieval of Snowfall Using Satellite Data at High Microwave Frequencies
Observational Analyses and Idealized Numerical Simulations of African Wave Dynamics
Indexing, Mode Definition, and Signal Extraction in Climate Research
Tracking and Analysis of Mesoscale Convective Systems over Central Equatorial Africa