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GABAergic mechanisms contributing to categorical amygdala responses to chemosensory signals.
CT-based assessment of visceral adiposity and outcomes for esophageal adenocarcinoma.
Human Cloning and Moral Status
Anion Size and Acetic Acid Modulate Salt Taste in Rats
Saladoid Economy and Complexity on the Arawakan Frontier
Glucose Sensing in the Olfactory System
Reciprocal Modulation of Olfaction and Energy Balance via the Voltage-Gated Potassium          Channel, Kv1.3
Cannabinoid Signaling in the Auditory Brain Stem of the Chick (Gallus          Domesticus)
Dopamine Regulation of Social Attachment
Characterization of Dopamine and Kainate Receptors in Olfactory Bulb Neurons and Their          Efffects on Glutamatergic Transmission
Categorization of Pheromonal Chemosignals by Medial Amygdala
Chemosensory Processing in the Amygdala
Conditioned Taste Aversion
Neurobiology of Aggression in Monogamous Male Prairie Voles
Role of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors in the Afferent Regulation of Chick Auditory Brainstem Neurons
Modulators of Ion Channels Crucial to Rodent Olfaction
Effects of Sodium Selenate, a PP2A Activator, on Conditioned Taste Aversion Learning
Dopamine Regulation of Paternal Behavior
Amygdala Response to Artificial Olfactory and Chemosensory Input
Neural Dynamics of Vocal Plasticity
Control of Prolactin Secretion by Central Oxytocin in Cervically Stimulated Ovariectomized Rats
Differential Effects of Eicosaoentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) on Neurinal Precursor Cell Proliferation and Neurogenisis
Psychophysical Assessment of the Role of the T1R Proteins in the Taste Transduction of Amino Acids and Maltodextrins
Intrinsic Physiological Properties Underlie the Diversity of Auditory Responses in the Avian Cochlear Nucleus
Mainline Protestantism, Scholarship, and the Twentieth Century Church Library Movement in the United States
Gustatory Processing of Linoleic Acid and the Role of the Chorda Tympani Nerve
Sensory Transduction in the Vomeronasal Organ
Behavioral and Neural Characterization of Conditioned Flavor-Taste Preferences
Molecular Processing of the Visceral Neuraxis and Conditioned Taste Aversion
Carbon Monoxide Neurotransmission in the Anterior Hypothalamus
Exploring the Link Between Olfaction and Cognition
Regulation of Estradiol-Induced Prolactin Secretion and Entrainment by the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus
Dopamine Action on Behavioral Response and Medial Amygdala Neural Response to Chemosensory Communication Signals in Male Mice
Mechanisms Underlying Changes in Gustatory Responses Following Dietary Sodium Deprivation
Characterization of Cardiac Troponin C FRET Constructs to Analyze Structural Changes Induced by Divalent Cation                 Binding
Functional Circuitry of the Medial Amygdala and Main Intercalated Nucleus in the Golden Hamster