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Me, Myself, and I
"Raising Daughters and Loving Sons"
Pregnancy Intentions of First Time Mothers
In the Best Interest of the Child
Risk and Protective Factors for Substance Use Among Adolescents Involved with the Child Welfare System
Understanding Young Adult Cyclical Relationships
Role of Basic Psychological Needs in Determining Well-Being
Exploration of the Effects of Primary and Secondary Trauma on Child Welfare Workers' Mental Health and Commitment to the Field
Emotion Regulation Process in Parents
Dyadic Level Coping and the Effects on Diabetes Management and Control in Couples with One Partner Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
Dysfunctional Career Thinking as a Predictor of Depression and Hopelessness in Students Seeking Career Services
Exploring Sibling Relationships Among Youth in Foster Care
Relationship Between Early Familial Racial/Ethnic Socialization and Academic Outcomes of African American Students and the Mediating Effects of Self-Efficacy
Caregivers' Experience of Adolescent Substance Use
Social Support in Transitional Housing
Stress, Resources and Maternal-Adolescent Relationship Quality Among an At-Risk Sample
Salt of All Virtues
Marital Quality, Parent-Adolescent Relations, and Adolescent Depressive Symptoms Among Military Families
College Experience of Gifted Emerging Adults
Diversity of Diversion Disparity
Cohabiting Parents' Marriage Intentions, Coparenting, and Later Relationship Status
Parent-Adolescent Relationship Factors and Longitudinal Adolescent Depression
Predicting Child Welfare Future Placements for Foster Youth
"It's Really Overwhelming"
Exploring Firefighters' Views of Personal Impact, Coping Strategies, and Social Support Following Work-Related Crises
Constraints to Family Leisure and Perceptions of Family Functioning of U.S. Army Personnel Who Have Experienced Deployment
Lower Glass Ceiling
Predictors of Ethnic-Racial Socialization Profiles in Early Childhood Among African American Parents
Fear, Loss, and Adaptations of Latino Families
Effects of Child Maltreatment on the Likelihood of Committing Violence in at-Risk Youth
Culturally Competent Parenting
Family of Origin Dynamics and Youth Sexual Development
Young Women's Engagement in Employment and Childrearing Roles
Relationships among Personality Factors, Negative Career Thoughts, and Profile Elevation