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review of web-assisted interventions for diabetes management
Exploring digital divides
Transitioning from the Out Date
Meta-Analysis of Web-Delivered, Tailored Health Behavior Change Interventions
Interacting with Health Information for Self-Care
Information and Culture
Investigation of the Use of Synchronous Text-Based Communication Technologies by Undergraduate University Students
Gifted Youth and Their Hobbies
Exploring University Students' Online Information Seeking About Prescription Medications
Examining the Role of Anxiety and Apathy in Health Consumers' Intentions to Use Patient Health Portals for Personal Health          Information Management
Impact of a Webbased Program on Knowledge About Osteoporosis Prevention Among College          Students in China
Role of Mass Media Related Risk Factors in Predicting Sexually Risky Intentions and Behaviors Among Adolescents
Adults Living with Type 2 Diabetes
Adolescents' Information Behavior When Isolated From Peer Groups
Student Acceptance of Mobile Learning
Users' Adoption of Emergent Technologies
Participatory design of a health informatics system for rural health practitioners and          disadvantaged women
Efficiency of Predicting Risk in Word Reading Using Fewer, Easier Letters
Neurophysiologic Analysis of the Effects of Interactive Tailored Health Videos on Attention to Health Messages
What Factors Influence the Use of the Public Library for Health Information?
Wrong Planet, Right Library
Photovoice of the Cesarean Experience
Evaluating Uses and Adoption of Media Innovations in Disaster Warnings
College Students' Willingness to Be Honest and Initiate Discussions with Healthcare          Providers About Their Past Sexual Behaviors
Impact of Group Affirmation on Environmental Message Acceptance, Risk Perception and Behavioral Intention
Distributed knowledge in an online patient support community