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Perceived Teacher-Directedness, Omniscient Authority, and Communication Behaviors in          Second Language Cooperative Learning
Emoticon Usage in Task-Oriented and Socio-Emotional Contexts in Online Discussion          Boards
Impact of a Standardized Cognitive Information Processing Intervention on the          Career Decision State of at-Risk Youth
How Content Area Influences Choice of Instructional Methods
Female Basketball Student‐Athletes' Motivation
Effect of Positive/Negative Feedback Awareness on Self-Efficacy and Writing Performance
Impact of Testing Accommodations on Students with Learning Disabilities
Exploring Third-Grade Students' Ability to Express Their Views on Contemporary Social Issues Following Read-Aloud Book Discussions
Systematic Analysis of Art Therapy Assessment and Rating Instrument          Literature
Women's Perception of the Role and Influence of Mentoring on Decisions to Pursue Doctoral Degrees in Sport Manangement
Effects of Media Interactivity on Mood Regulation
Causal Ascriptions and Emotional Attachments
Consumer Independence
Job Satisfaction of Sport Management Faculty in the U.S.A
Impact of Formal Structure on the Recruitment of NCAA Division I Athletic Directors
Effects of Collaboration on Grade Retention Decision Making
Relationships among Behavioral Engagement, Self-Efficacy, Academic Achievement, and Career Choice among Middle School Mathematics Students
Assessment of Social and Academic Integration Among Track and Field Student-Athletes          of the Atlantic Coast Conference
Developmental Changes in Preservice Teachers' Mental Models of Learning and          Instruction
Mean World Effects of Reality Television
Comparing the Learning Outcomes and Course Satisfaction of Web-Based vs.          Classroom-Based Instruction
Importance of Values-Alignment within a Role-Hierarchy to Foster Teacher's Motivation for Implementing Professional Development
Grounded Analysis of the Sensemaking Process of Korean Street-Level Fire Service Officials
Effects of Key Concepts Availability and Individual Preparation in the Form of Proposition Formation in Collaborative Concept Mapping on Learning, Problem Solving,          and Learner Attitudes
Expectations and Experience
Political Economy of Hospice Care
Teachers' View of the Role VAM Plays in Their Work in the School and School Community
Improving the Study Habits of Adolescents with ADHD
Pathway Towards Persistence
Internalization of a Sport Team Through Sport Video Gaming
Watching with Virtual Crowds
Parental Involvement and School Readiness in Preschoolers
Dimensions of Undergraduate Research