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Tests for equivalence of two survival functions
Approximate median regression for complex survey data with skewed response.
Exact Bayesian p-values for a test of independence in a 2 × 2 contingency table with missing data.
One-Step Generalized Estimating Equations with Large Cluster Sizes.
Bias-corrected estimates for logistic regression models for complex surveys with application to the United States' Nationwide Inpatient Sample.
Efficient Computation of Reduced Regression Models.
Association Models for Clustered Data with Binary and Continuous Responses
Bayesian Methods for Skewed Response Including Longitudinal and Heteroscedastic Data
Analysis of Multivariate Data with Random Cluster Size
Median Regression for Complex Survey Data
Influence Measures for Bayesian Data Analysis
Semiparametric Bayesian Regression Models for Skewed Responses
Semiparametric Survival Analysis Using Models with Log-Linear Median
Practical Methods for Equivalence and Non-Inferiority Studies with Survival Response