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Understanding Dysrhythmic Speech
Generalized Adaptation to Dysarthric Speech.
Understanding dysrhythmic speech
Modeling listener perception of speaker similarity in dysarthria
Assessing Vowel Centralization in Dysarthria
Effects of Familiarization on Intelligibility of Dysarthric Speech in Older Adults With and Without Hearing Loss.
Predicting Intelligibility Gains in Individuals With Dysarthria From Baseline Speech Features.
Predicting Intelligibility Gains in Dysarthria Through Automated Speech Feature Analysis.
Effects of Cognitive Load on Gait in Individuals with Parkinson Disease
Perceptual Learning of Dysarthric Speech
Listeners' Attitudes Toward Accented Talkers Uniquely Predicts Accented Speech Perception
Case Study of a Psycholinguistic Approach to Assessment and Treatment of Speech Sound Disorder