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Effects of Social Relationships and Temperament on Kindergarten Students' Use of          Literate Language
Japanese Immigrant Parents' Views on Parental Participation in Early Childhood          Education Settings in the United States
Beliefs and Practices of Anti‐Bias Curriculum in Early Childhood Settings by
Comparison of Academic Motivation of Academically Prepared and Academically Unprepared Community College Students
Parent Education, Reflective Writing, and Maternal Efficacy
Preschool Physical Education
Preparing beginning reading teachers
Effects of Kindergarten Entrance Age on Children's Reading and Mathematics          Achievement from Kindergarten Through Third Grade
Preschool Aggression within the Social Context
Toddler-Mother Attachment and Non-Maternal Care in Ethnically Diverse Families
Examiniation of Licensure
Longitudinal Analysis of Science Teaching and Learning in Kindergarten and First-Grade
Women in French Studies