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Re-Analyzing a Randomized Controlled Trial of Combination Antidepressant                 Treatment with Mirtazapine
Consumer Advertising of Psychiatric Medications Biases the Public Against                 Nonpharmacological Treatment
After DSM-5
Ranking Disciplinary Journals with the Google Scholar H-index
Manipulation of Data and Attitudes about ADHD
Prescribing of Psychiatric Medication to Bereaved Parents Following                 Perinatal/Neonatal Death
New York Times and the ADHD Epidemic
Clarification Regarding Truthiness in Advertising
What Does It Mean for an Intervention to "Work"?
Clinical Trials of Therapy versus Medication
Consumer Advertisements for Psychostimulants in the United States
Controversies in Psychiatry and DSM-5
Wikipedia vs. Peer-Reviewed Medical Literature for Information About the Top-10                 Most Costly Medical Conditions
Medical Ghostwriting
Controversy Over Antidepressant Drugs in an Era of Evidence-Based                 Practice
Knowledge of Ghostwriting and Financial Conflicts-of-Interest Reduces the                 Perceived Credibility of Biomedical Research
Truthiness in Direct-to-Consumer Advertising
Media and the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression
Making Assessment Decisions
Challenging the Narrative of Chemical Imbalance
Antidepressants and the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression
Influential Publications in Social Work Discourse
Evaluating the Productivity of Social Work Scholars Using the H-index
Evaluating Journal Quality
Case Study Approach to Mental Health Recovery
Role of Services in Mental Health Recovery
Knowledge Agenda for Studying Psychotropic Medication in the Child Welfare System
Measuring the Impact of Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal
Artículos Escritos por la Industria o Mayoritariamente por la Industria (Ghostwriting) y Firmados por Académicos
Serotonina y Depresión
Clinical Social Work and the Biomedical Industrial Complex
Questionable Advertising of Psychotropic Medications and Disease Mongering
Self-Directed Care
National Survey of Graduate Education in Psychopharmacology
Serotonin and Depression
Parent's TEARS
Mental Illness Beliefs Inventory (MIBI)
Role of Social Support in Family Reunification
Why Does Academic Medicine Allow Ghostwriting?
CriticalThinkRx May Reduce Psychiatric Prescribing to Foster Youth
Responsive Engagement in Mental Health Services for Foster Youth Transitioning to Adulthood
Is There a Getting Better from This, or Not?
Narrating the Brain
Knowledge of Undisclosed Corporate Authorship ("Ghostwriting") Reduces the                 Perceived Credibility of Antidepressant Research
The client experience of psychiatric medication: A qualitative study
Perception Gap in Prison Healthcare
Proposing a Population-Specific Intervention Approach to Treat Trauma Among Men During and After Incarceration