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Communication and Related Factors Affecting Academic Success Among College Students
Culture's Influence on Brand Loyalty Among Culturally Diverse Consumers in the United States
Interrelationships Among Online Consumers
Opinion Leaders and Seekers in Online Brand Communities
Effects of Discriminate Message Interventions on Behavioral Intentions to Eat Healthy Foods and Engage in Physical Activities
Communicating Through Clothing
Information Behavior of Puerto Rican Migrants to Central Florida, 2003-2009
Risk Perceptions, Worry and Communication as Predictors of Lung, Colon and Skin Cancer-Related Behaviors
Examining the Values Associated with Spectator Sports and the Relationships Between the          Values and Sport Spectator Behavior
Market Segmentation Based on Subcultural Socialization
Validation of the Spanish Version of the Gifted Rating Scales
Exploring the Stable and Changing Beliefs of Middle Class (Urban) Hindu Couples in New Delhi about Marriage
Developing a Hierarchy of the Adolescent Susceptibility Construct that can be Used in Health Communication Campaigns to Target Adolescents at Risk
Predictive Factors of Clinical Trial Participation
When Appearance and Language Disagrees