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Numerical Simulation of Quench Propagation in Superconducting Magnets by Using High Order Methods
Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Approximations on Moving Meshes for Wave          Scattering from Reflective Moving Boundaries
Adaptive Spectral Element Methods to Price American Options
Exotic Nuclei and Relativistic Mean-Field Theory
Single-and Multiple-Objective Stochastic Programming Models with Applications to Aerodynamics
Partial Differential Equation Methods to Price Options in the Energy Market
Transient Heat Transfer to Helium II Due to a Sudden Loss of Insulating Vacuum
Uncertainty Quantification and Data Fusion Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory
Jump Dependence and Multidimensional Default Risk
Pricing and Hedging Derivatives with Sharp Profiles Using Tuned High Resolution Finite Difference Schemes
Design and Development of the Multiple Parabolic Reflector Flat Panel Collector (MPFC) to Generate Medium Temperature          Steam
Uncertainty Quantification of Nonlinear Stochastic Phenomena
Level Set and Conservative Level Set Methods on Dynamic Quadrilateral Grids
Development of a Volume Element Model for Energy Systems Engineering and Integrative Thermodynamic Optimization
Spectral Element Method to Price Single and Multi-Asset European Options
Quasi-Monte Carlo and Genetic Algorithms with Applications to Endogenous Mortgage Rate          Computation
Dissipation of Mesoscale Energy by Vortex-Topography Interaction
Relativistic Mean Field Models for Finite Nuclei and Neutron Stars
Clustering in Light Nuclei with Configuration Interaction Approaches
Sensitivity Analysis of Options under Lévy Processes via Malliavin Calculus
Asset Pricing in a Lucas Framework with Boundedly Rational, Heterogeneous Agents
Probabilistic Uncertainty Analysis and Its Applications in Option Models
Diffuse Interface Method for Two-Phase Incompressible Flows
Configuration Space Monte Carlo Algorithm for Solving the Nuclear Pairing Problem
Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Approximations for the Reflection and Transmission of Waves from Moving Material Interfaces
Gulf Stream Separation Dynamics
Gas Propagation in a Liquid Helium Cooled Vacuum Tube Following a Sudden Vacuum Loss