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Microwave Radiative Transfer Modeling of Ice in the Atmosphere
Developing Statistical Guidance for Afternoon Lightning Activity in Portions of Two          South Florida Counties
African Easterly Waves and Their Relationship to Rainfall on a Daily Timescale
Experimental Forest Fire Threat Forecast
Footprint of the Dynamical Amplifier of Global Warming and Attribution of Models' Uncertainties
North Atlantic Decadal Variability of Ocean Surface Fluxes
Investigation on the Physical Mechanisms and Variability of the Australian Summer Monsoon
Preliminary Steps Towards Improving Short-Term QPF Using Airs Observations Through 4D-Var Data Assimilation
Evaluating the Aerosol First Indirect Effect Using Satellite Data
Diagnosis of the Asian Summer Monsoon Variability and the Climate Prediction of Monsoon          Precipitation via Physical Decomposition
Fine Resolution Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) for the Black Sea with a New Solar Radiation Penetration Scheme
Indexing, Mode Definition, and Signal Extraction in Climate Research