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Qualitative Analysis of Revenue Sharing in Professional Sports Broadcasting Using          Network Theory
Impact of the Gender of Celebrity Athlete Endorser on Consumers of Athletic Shoes
Effect of Game Day Promotions on Consumer Behavior in the East Coast Hockey League          (ECHL)
Proposed Model of Attitude Toward Advertising Through Sport
Sport Sponsorship as an Internal Marketing Tool
Creation and Development of an International Sport Federation
Effects of Coaches' Behaviors and Burnout on the Satisfaction and Burnout of          Athletes
Effect of Congruence of Leadership Behaviors on Motivation, Commitment, and          Satisfaction of College Tennis Players
Female Basketball Student‐Athletes' Motivation
Causal Model Depicting the Influence of Selected Task and Employee Variables on          Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Ethnographic Study of the Culture of Communication in the Sports Information Office          in a Division I-A Athletic Program
Integrated Model of Value Equity in Spectator Sports
Benefits Felt by Division I-A Student-Athletes from Participation in Community Service Activities
Causal Ascriptions and Emotional Attachments
Why Undergraduate Students Choose Sport Management as a Major
Examining the Employee-Customer Chain in the Fitness Industry
High School Football Dynasties
Analysis of Goal Achievement Orientation and Sport Morality Levels of Division I-A Non-Revenue Collegiate Athletes
Effect of Telic/Paratelic Dominance and Task Condition on Motor Performance, Affect, Telic/Paratelic State, and Self-Efficacy
Measuring Nationalism as a Sport Fan Motive
Analysis of Risk Management Practices and Litigation Status in Aquatic Centers
Does Sport Really Matter to Volunteers?
Risk and Safety Practices in Youth Baseball and Softball
Measuring the Effectiveness of Mediated and Non-Mediated Communication Among Heisman Trophy Voters
Masculine Hegemony in March Madness?
Effects of Economic Impact Information on the Attitudes of Potential Sports Sponsors Operating in Mid-Size and Small College Communities
Internal and External Group Identities of a Sports Team
Organizational Commitment of Senior Woman Administrators
Examining the Values Associated with Spectator Sports and the Relationships Between the          Values and Sport Spectator Behavior
Market Segmentation Based on Subcultural Socialization
Analysis of Risk Management at NCAA Division I-A Football Stadiums
Moderating Effects of Involvement on the Relationships Among Perceived Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Citizenship Behavior
Social Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility
Impact of Self-Concept/Product-Image Congruity and Functional Congruity on Brand Preference