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Convergent and Incremental Validity of the MMPI-2 and Rorschach on Psychotic-Related          Indices
Validation and Generalization of the Work Attitudes and Behaviors Inventory (WABI)
Mobility and Military Children
Coaching Individuals with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder at the College          Level
Development of a Measure of Student-on-Student Victimization (SSV)
Impact of Yoga on Psychological Health in Older Adults
Use of the Rorschach Comprehensive System as an Assessment of Depression in Adolescents
Mediating Effect of Sibling Warmth on Parental Stress in Families with Children Who Have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity          Disorder
Validation of the Caretaker Readiness Questionnaire
Psychosocial Influences on College Attendance Among First and Continuing-Generation          College Students
Validity of the Addiction Prone Personality Scale
Warfighters of Today
Validity of Cognitive Constructs in Cognitive Information Processing and Social Cognitive Career Theories
Maladaptive Cognitive Schemas as Mediators Between Perfectionism and Psychological Distress
Weight Status and Decision Making in a Food Selection Task
Psychological Predictors of Career Maturity in College Student-Athletes
Attentional Strategies and Their Relationship with Perceived Exertion and Flow