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Produsage in A/Synchronous Learner-Led E-Learning
Process of Disengaging From Online Learning Community Revealed Through Examination          of Threaded Discussions
“One Must Actually Take Facts as They Are”: Information Value and Information Behavior in the Miss Marple Novels
Information Use Environments of African-American Dementia Caregivers Over the Course of          Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression
Perceptions and Experiences of E-learning Among On-Campus Students
Evaluative Metadata in Educational Digital Libraries
Roles of Digital Libraries as Boundary Objects within and Across Social and Information Worlds
Academic Library Service Consumer (User) Motivation Study Based on Expectancy Theory
Influence of Place-Based Communities on Information Behavior
Information Professionals and the Intelligence Community
Self-Efficacy and Sense of Belonging
Qualitative Analysis of Faith Community Nurse–Led Cognitive-Behavioral and Spiritual Counseling for Dementia Caregivers
Collaborative Service Delivery
Socially Inclusive Role of Curatorial Voice
Investigating Music Information Objects
Wrong Planet, Right Library
Exploring the Data Work Organization of the Gene Ontology
Mapping the Social World Boundaries of Interdisciplinary Teams
Photovoice of the Cesarean Experience
Distance Learning Students' Perceptions of the Online Instructor Roles and          Competencies
Multidiscipinary Approaches to Information Poverty and Their Implications for          Information Access
Participatory design of a health informatics system for rural health practitioners and          disadvantaged women
Distributed knowledge in an online patient support community
Author Team Diversity and the Impact of Scientific Publications