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Mcm10 Mutant Defective in ssDNA Binding Shows Defects in DNA Replication Initiation.
Cdc45 protein-single-stranded DNA interaction is important for stalling the helicase during replication stress.
replication initiation protein Sld2 regulates helicase assembly.
Positive Amplification Mechanism Involving a Kinase and Replication Initiation Factor Helps Assemble the Replication Fork Helicase.
Conserved mechanism for coordinating replication fork helicase assembly with phosphorylation of the helicase.
Replication Initiation Protein Sld3/Treslin Orchestrates the Assembly of the Replication Fork Helicase during S Phase.
Mcm10 coordinates the timely assembly and activation of the replication fork helicase.
Mcm10 coordinates the timely assembly and activation of the replication fork helicase
Eukaryotic Replicative Helicase Subunit Interaction with DNA and Its Role in DNA Replication.
Eukaryotic Replicative Helicase Subunit Interaction With Dna And Its Role In Dna Replication
Intact Mcm10 Coiled-coil Interaction Surface Is Important For Origin Melting, Helicase Assembly And The Recruitment Of Pol-alpha To Mcm2-7
Origin DNA Melting-An Essential Process with Divergent Mechanisms.
Dpb11 May Function With Rpa And Dna To Initiate Dna Replication
Dpb11 may function with RPA and DNA to initiate DNA replication.
Dpb11 protein helps control assembly of the Cdc45·Mcm2-7·GINS replication fork helicase.
Impact of age-associated cyclopurine lesions on DNA repair helicases.
intact Mcm10 coiled-coil interaction surface is important for origin melting, helicase assembly and the recruitment of Pol-α to Mcm2-7.
DNA sequences proximal to human mitochondrial DNA deletion breakpoints prevalent in human disease form G-quadruplexes, a class of DNA structures inefficiently unwound by the mitochondrial replicative Twinkle helicase.