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Predictive Accuracy Measures for Binary Outcomes
Combining Regression Slopes from Studies with Different Models in Meta-Analysis
Examining the Effect of Treatment on the Distribution of Blood Pressure in the Population Using Observational Data
Semi-Parametric Generalized Estimating Equations with Kernel Smoother
Bayesian Modeling and Variable Selection for Complex Data
Impact of Unbalanced Designs on the Performance of Parametric and Nonparametric DIF Procedures
Impact of Rater Variability on Relationships among Different Effect-Size Indices for Inter-Rater Agreement between Human and Automated             Essay Scoring
Spatial Statistics and Its Applications in Biostatistics and Environmental Statistics
Median Regression for Complex Survey Data
Four Methods for Combining Dependent Effects from Studies Reporting Regression Analysis
Sorvali Dilatation and Spin Divisors on Riemann and Klein Surfaces
Improvement of Quality Prediction in Inter-Connected Manufacturing System by Integrating Multi-Source Data
Marked Determinantal Point Processes
Bayesian Tractography Using Geometric Shape Priors
Envelopes, Subspace Learning and Applications
Impact of Violations of Measurement Invariance in Longitudinal Mediation Modeling
Random Walks over Point Processes and Their Application in Finance
Univariate and Multivariate Volatility Models for Portfolio Value at Risk
Parameter Sensitive Feature Selection for Learning on Large Datasets
Tools for Statistical Analysis on Shape Spaces of Three-Dimensional Object
Framework for Comparing Shape Distributions
Within Study Dependence in Meta-Analysis
Estimating Sensitivities of Exotic Options Using Monte Carlo Methods
Meta-Analysis of Factor Analyses
Exponential Convergence Fourier Method and Its Application to Option Pricing with Lévy Processes
Sparse Feature and Element Selection in High-Dimensional Vector Autoregressive Models
Evaluation of Measurement Invariance in IRT Using Limited Information Fit Statistics/Indices
Investigating the Chi-Square-Based Model-Fit Indexes for WLSMV and ULSMV Estimators
Loglinear Model as a DIF Detection Method for Dichotomous and Polytomous Items and Its Comparison with Other Observed Score                 Matching DIF Methods
Impact of Competition on Elephant Musth Strategies
Random Sobol' Sensitivity Analysis and Model Robustness
Time-Varying Mixture Models for Financial Risk Management
Evaluation of Four Methods for Determining the Number of Factors Underlying Measurement Indicators under the Presence of Guessing Effects
Shape Based Function Estimation