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flexible iron(ii) complex in which zero-field splitting is resistant to structural variation.
Supramolecular aggregates of single-molecule magnets
A flexible iron(II) complex in which zero-field splitting is resistant to structural variation
Radical-lanthanide Ferromagnetic Interaction In A Tb-iii Bis-phthalocyaninato Complex
Supramolecular aggregates of single-molecule magnets
Study of Rare-Earth Magnetism Through Spectroscopic Studies of Lanthanide-Based Single Crystals
Quantum Phase Transitions in New 3d1 Compounds
Effects Of Uniaxial Pressure On The Quantum Tunneling Of Magnetization In A High-symmetry Mn-12 Single-molecule Magnet
Electronic Tuning in the Hidden Order Compound URu2Si2 through Si → P Substitution
Organic Ligand Design for Use in Spin Crossover Materials
Search for Electrically Ordered Phases in Hydrogen-Bonded Molecular Cocrystals
Understanding the "Microwave" in Microwave Chemistry
Broadband Phase Correction of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resanonce Mass Spectra
High Frequency Inductive Measurements of Organic Conductors with the Application of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures
Managing Digital Olympism
Quantum Entanglement and Coherence in Molecular Magnets
Investigation of Deepwater Horizon Heavy End Environmental Transformation by High Resolution Detection and          Isolation Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Entangling Qubits by Heisenberg Spin Exchange and Anyon Braiding
Experimental Investigation of On-Chip ESR Techniques in Multiple Temperature Regimes
Becoming the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are
Quasi-optical And Corrugated Waveguide Microwave Transmission System For Simultaneous Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Nmr On Two Separate 14.1 T Spectrometers
quasi-optical and corrugated waveguide microwave transmission system for simultaneous dynamic nuclear polarization NMR on two separate 14.1 T spectrometers.
Lipid-Protein Interactions Defined by Multi-Frequency EPR