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Application of Workforce 2000/2020 Analysis to a Southern Rural Community
Politics of Change in Teacher Education
Anticipatory Socialization and University Retention
Evaluation of Clark County School District's Alternative Route to Licensure Program from the Program Participants' Perspectives
Hip Hop Culture, Culturally-Responsive Teaching and the Engagement of African-American Male Students
Study Examining the Effectiveness of Two Instructional Treatments on Student          Achievement, Motivation, and Cognitive Reasoning Processes in a Complex Concept          Domain
Data Driven Decision Making Goes Cyber Elementary Online Teachers' Perceptions and Use of Data Driven Instruction
Preschool Full-Day, Part-Day, or Not at All
Class Size and Student Achievement
Teachers' Sense of Self-Efficacy Scale in the Virtual Setting
Determinants of Vote Choice in Ballot Measure Elections
Content Analysis of Parental Outreach and Assistance within English Language Learner Plans by School Districts in Florida
Mckay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
Relationship Between the Implementation Practices of School Principals and Student Achievement in Reading
Constructing School Organization Through Metaphor
Investigation of Attributes of School Principals in Relation to Resilience and Leadership Practices
Antecedents and Consequences of Cynicism in Organizations
Value-Added Models, Outcome-Based Teacher Performance, and the Teaching-Learning Process
Application of the Teddlie and Stringfield School Effectiveness Model
Three Essays on School Accountability, Principal Characteristics, and Teacher Assignment
Professional Development Effects on Elementary Principals' Attitudes Toward Implementing New Standards
Private Interests and Public Schools
Intrusive Advising and Its Influence on First and Second Year Students
Fiscal Strain and Decision Making in Local Government
Evaluation of an International Service Experience and Students' Intercultural Competence
University Faculty Contribution to Study Abroad Programs
Getting Kids Ready to Read
Common Core State Standards Initiative
Environmental Local Public Goods
Examining One Principal's Leadership Processes and Procedures Used to Implement Educational Change in a Failing Middle School
Influences of Stressors on Coping Profiles and Depressive Symptoms
Mathematics Formative Assessment System
Ecolas Do Amanhã
Art Integration and Reading Achievement
Impact of Class Size on the Distribution of Teacher Quality in Florida's Elementary Schools
Impacts of High School Class Schedule on Class Size and Student Achievement