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Power Of Systems
Force of Nature
As Advertised
It's a Man's World
Cascade of Intervention?
Society in Flux
Retracing the New Left
Hustling the Old Mexico Aside
Wars That Never Were
Analysis of Conjugate Harmonic Components of Monogenic Functions and Lambda Harmonic Functions
Bayesian Wavelet Based Analysis of Longitudinally Observed Skewed Heteroscedastic Responses
Character Varieties of Knots and Links with Symmetries
Designing Victory on the Civil War’s Sea
What Is Gained from Participation in a Research Experience for Teachers Program?
Scapegoats No More the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps, British Myths and Cover Ups, and the Battle of the Lys
Internationalization in Student Affairs in the United States from 1951 to 1996
Manufactured Science, the Attorneys' Handmaiden
Public Intellectuals at the Smithsonian
Nuclear Spaces
Investigating the Potentially Untapped Predictability of Tropical Cyclone Genesis in Operational Global Models
Surface and Atmospheric Boundary Layer Responses to Diurnal Variations of Sea Surface Temperature in an NWP Model
Hurricane Boundary Layer Structure during Intensity Change
Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Interactions with Upper Tropospheric Flow