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Age, Growth, and Reproductive Biology of Cownose Rays in Chesapeake Bay
Cownose Ray (Rhinoptera Bonasus) Predation Relative to Bivalve Ontogeny
Movement Patterns and Habitat Use of Smalltooth Sawfish, Pristis Pectinata, Determined          Using Pop-up Satellite Archival Tags
Validation of a portable, waterproof blood pH analyser for elasmobranchs.
Depth-mediated differences in trophic ecology and mercury contomination in six species of sharks in DeSoto Canyon
Biogeochemical Cycle of Mercury in the Northern Gulf of Mexico as Constrained by Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Mercury                 Isotopic Ratios in Marine Fish
Post-Release Mortality of Deep Sea Bycatch Species
Critical assessment and ramifications of a purported marine trophic cascade
Deep-Sea Ecosystem
Spawning Patterns, Trophic Ecology, and Toxicology
Effects of Beach and Species Management Actions on the Nesting and Incubation Environment of Sea Turtles in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Origins of the Greenland shark ()
Physiological Ecology of Elasmobranchs in the Gulf of Mexico and Northwestern Atlantic
The Inaugural Expedition of the R/V Apalachee Research Exploring the Ecological Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Leads to the First Capture of a Greenland Shark in the Gulf of Mexico
Poster Session: Biogeochemical Processes
Demersal fish assemblages associated with Desoto Canyon and the continental slope of the eastern Gulf of Mexico
Effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on deepwater shark populations from the northeast Gulf of Mexico