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Political Context of Michelangelo's Cleopatra for Tommaso De'Cavalieri
Fashioning Schongauer
Architectural Trees and Moorish Knots in Leonardo's Sala Delle Asse
Art of History
Alberto Aringhieri and the Chapel of Saint John the Baptist
Positive, Popular Art
Icon of the Madonna Della Clemenza
Asserting Royal Power in Early Seventeenth-Century Paris
Acadian Culture and Contemporary Commercialism
Sacred Kingship and Royal Patronage in the Vie de la Magdalene
Nature of the Natural Woman
Alessandro Magnasco and the Painterly Picaresque
Le Nain Brothers' Peasant Family in an Interior
Advancing American Art and Its Afterlife
Eros and Erotes in the Late Antique Mosaics of Antioch
Renaissance Portrait Medal and the Court Context
Les Costumes Grotesques by the Larmessin Family
Materia Medica
David Cox (1783-1859) Reconsidered
Illustrations of Lydgate's Troy Book
Roman Colonization and Networks of Transformation in Northern Etruria during the First Century B.C.E
Moral Theology and the Care of Souls
Antichrist, Eschatology, and Romance in the Illustrated Harley Apocalypse, Sibylle Tiburtine, and the Tournoiement          Antécrist (MSS Harley 4972 and Douce 308)
Building Mycenaean Identity