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Thrombopoietin Signaling To Chromatin Elicits Rapid And Pervasive Epigenome Remodeling Within Poised Chromatin Architectures
Promoter Capture Hi-C
Promoter Capture Hi-c
Cell-cycle dynamics of chromosomal organization at single-cell resolution.
Long-range Enhancer Interactions Are Prevalent In Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells And Are Reorganized Upon Pluripotent State Transition
Allele-specific Control Of Replication Timing And Genome Organization During Development
Promoter Interactome Of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-derived Cardiomyocytes Connects Gwas Regions To Cardiac Gene Networks
Genome Organization And Chromatin Analysis Identify Transcriptional Downregulation Of Insulin-like Growth Factor Signaling As A Hallmark Of Aging In Developing B Cells
Genome organization and chromatin analysis identify transcriptional downregulation of insulin-like growth factor signaling as a hallmark of aging in developing B cells.
Lineage-specific dynamic and pre-established enhancer-promoter contacts cooperate in terminal differentiation.
Challenges And Guidelines Toward 4d Nucleome Data And Model Standards
Sn 2017dio
Gaia17biu/sn 2017egm In Ngc 3191
Platelet Function Is Modified By Common Sequence Variation In Megakaryocyte Super Enhancers
Platelet function is modified by common sequence variation in megakaryocyte super enhancers.