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Differential Item Functioning Analyses for Mixed Response Data Using IRT          Likelihood-Ratio Test, Logistic Regression, and Gllamm Procedures
Effects of Student Ratings Feedback on Instructional Practices, Teaching Effectiveness,          and Student Motivation
Exploration of the Teacher-Student Writing Conference and the Potential Influence of          Self-Efficacy
Demonstration of the Three-Level Hierarchical Generalized Linear Model Applied to Educational Research
Describing Students' Pragmatic Reasoning When Using "Natural Mathematics Computer Interfaces (NMI)"
Effects of the Assessor and Assessee's Roles on Preservice Teachers' Metacognitive Awareness, Performance, and Attitude in a Technology-Related Design Task
Effects of High-Structure Cooperative versus Low-Structure Collaborative Design on Online Debate in Terms of Decision Making, Critical Thinking, and Interaction          Pattern
Investigating Inquiry Beliefs and Nature of Science (NoS) Conceptions of Science          Teachers as Revealed Through Online Learning
Elementary Preservice Teachers' Opinions About Parental Involvement in Children's          Education
Comparing the Learning Outcomes and Course Satisfaction of Web-Based vs.          Classroom-Based Instruction
Effects of Key Concepts Availability and Individual Preparation in the Form of Proposition Formation in Collaborative Concept Mapping on Learning, Problem Solving,          and Learner Attitudes