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Awake, long-term intranasal insulin treatment does not affect object memory, odor discrimination, or reversal learning in mice.
Differential serotonergic modulation across the main and accessory olfactory bulbs.
incretin hormone glucagon-like peptide 1 increases mitral cell excitability by decreasing conductance of a voltage-dependent potassium channel.
Initial Characterization of Two Alpha-Helical Membrane Proteins from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Margatoxin-bound quantum dots as a novel inhibitor of the voltage-gated ion channel Kv1.3.
Afferent Regulation of Neuronal Survival in the Avian Cochlear Nucleus
Modulators of Ion Channels Crucial to Rodent Olfaction
Diurnal Rythems in the Rat Main Olfactory Bulb
Inhibition of 14-3-3 Proteins in Mice Leads to Schizophrenia Related Behavioral and Neuroanatomical Changes
Early Secretory Mechanism and Progress Toward Structural Determination of the Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel Kv1.3
Targeting the Kv1.3 Ion Channel with Peptide Inhibitors and Nanoparticle Bioconjugates
Neuromodulation of the Kv1.3 Ion Channel by Satiety and Metabolic Hormones
Genetic Dissection of Cis-Elements in Spatio-temporal Control of DNA Replication
Glucose Sensing in the Olfactory System
Elucidating the Molecular Etiology of Levodopa Responsive Dystonia
Electrophysiological and Mathematical Modeling Study of Developmental and Sex Effects on Neurons of the Zebra Finch Song System
Neuromodulation of Mitral Cells by Serotonin and GLP-1 Neurons in the Olfactory Bulb and the Consequences of Gene Deletion of             Kv1.3
Lateral Septal GLP-1 Pathways
Effects of Obesity-Related Inflammation on Breast Cancer Progression
Surface Characterization of Nanoparticles Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Reciprocal Modulation of Olfaction and Energy Balance via the Voltage-Gated Potassium          Channel, Kv1.3
Kv1.3 Modulation by PSD-95 and Insulin
Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) Modulation of Kv1.3 in the Olfactory Bulb
Exploring the Link Between Olfaction and Cognition
Chromatin-Based Regulation and Maintenance of the Human Genome
Wild-Type and Drug Resistant M2 Proton Channel from Influenza A
Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Gene Knockout Compensation in Pancreatic B-Cells
Identifying Associations among Negative Affect, Cognitive Biases, and Emotional Eating