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Observed Changes in the Atmospheric Surface Layer during Prescribed Agricultural Burns
Stereoscopic Technique to Estimate Cloudtop Height Using Combined Geostationary and Low Earth Orbiting Satellites
Assimilation of Hyperspectral Satellite Radiance Observations within Tropical Cyclones
Attributing Contributions to the Seasonal Cycle of Anthropogenic Warming in a Simple          Radiative- Convective Global Energy Balance Model
Numerical Analysis of the First-Order Closure for Synoptic Eddy and Low-Frequency          Flow (Self)-Feedback
Modeling Snow Aggregates and Their Single Scattering Properties
Third Intercomparison of Radiation Codes in Climate Models
Polarization Signature in Micro-Wave Humidity Sounder Window Channels
Objective Regional Cloud Mask Algorithm for GOES Infrared Imager with Regime-Dependent Thresholds for Direct Radiance Assmilation
Analysis of the Impacts of Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclones on Their Local and Large Scale Environment
Evaluating the Aerosol First Indirect Effect Using Satellite Data
Diagnosis and Analyis of Climate Feedbacks in the NCAR CCSM3.0
Hybrid Lagrangian/Eulerian View of the Global Atmospheric Mass Circulation
Ensemble-Mean Dynamics of Low-Frequency Variability and Cloud Temperature Profile Retrieval Using GPS RO Data
Untangling the Satellite Estimated Aerosol Indirect Effect
Use of Multiple Satellite Total Ozone Observations within and Around Tropical Cyclones