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History and Critical Review of Global Peace Exchange's Nepal Project
Approach to Formalizing Ontology Driven Semantic Integration
TuLiP, a Teacher's Tool for Lesson Planning
Social Loafing and Free Riding in Online Learning Groups
Effects of Reciprocity, Self-Awareness, and Individual Characteristics on Honesty in Managerial Reporting
Effect of Audio Narration in Computer Mediated Instruction on Procedural Fluency by Students of Varying Reading Levels
Customizable Learning Objects Metadata Authoring
Information Security Awareness
Pedagogical Agents as Learning Companions
Interaction Design Patterns for Musical Applications
Reuse of Personal Software Assets
Graph and Property Set Analysis
Using Annotated Concept Map Assessments as Predictors of Performance and Understanding of Complex Problems for Teacher Technology Integration
Metrics and Techniques to Guide Software Development
Genome-wide association study identifies 74 loci associated with educational attainment.