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Osteometric Analysis of Southeastern Prehistoric Domestic Dogs
Continuity and Change in Islamic Ethnopharmacological Practice
Subsistence Patterns, Social Identity and Symbolism at the Early Formative Period Site          of Cantón Corralito, Chiapas, Mexico
Battle of Natural Bridge
Bioarchaeological Assessment of Health from Florida's Archaic
Analysis of Skeletal Fractures from Windover (8BR246) and Their Inference Regarding Lifestyle
Lithic Debitage from a Mt. Taylor Site
Indigenous Ceramics from Feature 118 at the O'Connell Site (8LE157)
Pre-Nagpra Native American Reburial Policy and Its Implications on Cultural and Linguistic Classification
Caribbean Prehistoric Domestic Architecture
28 January 1980, Blackthorn and Capricorn
Slavery and Its Aftermath
Archaic Bone Tools in the St. Johns River Basin, Florida
Archaeological Examination of Slave Life in the Danish West Indies
Burial in Florida
Lewis Camp Mound (8JE182), Jefferson County, Florida
Affinities and Disparities within
Artillery Lane Site
Relatedness Between the Origin of Japanese and Korean Ethnicity
Florida's Paleoindian and Early Archaic
Sedentism and Subsistence in the Late Archaic
Search for Paleoindian Contexts in Florida and the Adjacent Southeast
Medieval Malta
Utilization of Sociolinguistic Network Theory to Identify Key Links and Nodes in an Integrated Air Defense System
Proving Genocide
Second Order Centers and Regional Integration in the Late Bronze Age Aegean
Morphological Variation of Bolen Haftable Bifaces
Reconstruction of Paleoindian Social Organization in North Central Florida
Ministries in Black and White
Archaeology of Florida's US Life-Saving Service Houses of Refuge and Life-Saving Stations
Saladoid Economy and Complexity on the Arawakan Frontier