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Thomas Percy collection
Theodore Roosevelt as an Icon in Presidential Rhetoric
War Before History
"Discover our Sunshine State. Rediscover Yours."
Case Studies in Aquarium History
Family of Science
Ethnographic Study of the Culture of Communication in the Sports Information Office          in a Division I-A Athletic Program
From Boom to Bust
James Fenimore Cooper's Frontier
Florida Crackers and Yankee Tourists
Education for Sustainable Development at the University Level
Sacralized Health and Social Reform
Does the Nature of Science Influence College Students' Learning of Biological Evolution?
Creating Consumers
Disney and the Domestication of Nature
Development and Validation of the Teachers Goals for Science Education Scale
Optimistic Liberals
Search for Ancient DNA, the Meaning of Fossils, and Paleontology in the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis
Plasma Aerodynamics since the End of the Cold War
Subtle Art
Social Spatialization in the Atchafalaya Basin
Transformation of Pentecostal Healing, 1906-2006
Visions of Human Labor in Nature in 20th Century American Literature
Evolutionary Constraints on Plasticity in the Anti-Herbivore Defenses of Solanum Carolinense
Influence of Place-Based Communities on Information Behavior
Losing Home
Ecopoetics of Space
Pestilence and Politics
Born to Be Feral
Cruelty Contested
Wallace's Line
Fibers of Empire
French Thought and the American Military Mind
Community-Level Consequences of Plant-Herbivore Interactions
"Let Us Try to Make Each Other Happy, and Not Wretched"
In the Time Before Oil
Labor and Leisure in the Tropical Environment
Influence of Demography, Development and Death on Seasonal Labor Allocation in the Florida Harvester Ant (Pogonomyrmex Badius)