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From Theory to Practice in the Ivory Tower
Exploratory Study of Demographic Diversity in the Arts Management Workforce
Participant-Oriented Evaluative Case Study of the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts Internship Program
Using Service Learning to Teach Graduate Students about Grant Writing for Culture
Diversity Internships in Arts Management, do they work?
Critical Issues for Research in Arts Management
Effect of Diversity on U.S. Arts Managers' Managerial Level and Salary
Efficacy of Using Service Learning  to Teach about Social Justice Issues in the US Cultural Sector
Factors of satisfaction in Arts Management Internships
Affirmative Action and Diversity
From the Student Side of the Ivory Tower
Integrating Diversity into Arts Management Education
Unresolved issues: Students' perception of internships in arts and cultural management
Considerations for Implementing Culturally and Ethically Appropriate Short-Term Art Therapy Interventions in          Economically-Challenged Countries
Effects of Gubernatorial Political Party Affiliation & Election Year on Funding to Florida’s State Arts Agency
Community Engagement or Community Outreach?
Career Paths of Non-European-American Executive Opera Administrators in the United States
Financial Management for Nonprofit Arts and Cultural Organizations
Internship Training Programs in Academic Art Museums in Relation to Aam Standards
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