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Sacrificing One to Save the Many: Compassionate or Cold-Blooded?
Fatigue Compatibilism
Strategic Moral Self
Deontological Dilemma Response Tendencies and Sensorimotor Representations of Harm to Others.
Standing Up or Giving Up? Moral Foundations Shape Evaluations of Protests
Need to Belong and Motivated Gratitude
Religiosity Both Increases and Decreases Deontological and Utilitarian Dilemma Response Inclinations
Belief Systems and Executive Functioning
Expressing Gratitude and Gaining (or Losing) Status
Role of Authority Figures' Approval in Anti-Muslim Aggression
When Buying Milk, Do You Care about the Cow?
Examining Action Effects in Language Processing
Antiprejudice among White Americans and the Proactive Fight to End Discrimination Toward Black Americans
Athlete Transition
Bless Her Heart!
Parasite stress and pathogen avoidance relate to distinct dimensions of political ideology across 30 nations.