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Commentary on two classroom observation systems
Lattice Model of the Development of Reading Comprehension.
Individualizing Student Instruction in Reading
Children's behavioral regulation and literacy
Depressive symptoms in third-grade teachers
Dialect variation, dialect-shifting, and reading comprehension in second grade.
Psychometric Analysis of the Diagnostic Evaluation of Language Variation Assessment.
First graders' literacy and self-regulation gains
Psychometric Analysis of the Diagnostic Evaluation of Language Variation          Assessment
Dialect variation and reading
Grade Retention and Classroom Instruction
Acquisition of Alphabetic Knowledge
Writing Instruction in Third Grade Classrooms and Effects on Students' Literacy Achievement
Comparison of Reading Growth and Outcomes of Kindergarten Students with Cognitive Impairments to Their Typical Peers
Identifying and Intervening with Beginning Readers Who Are At-Risk for Dyslexia
Capturing the complexity
longitudinal cluster-randomized controlled study on the accumulating effects of individualized literacy instruction on students' reading from first through third grade.
Reciprocal Effects of Self-Regulation, Semantic Knowledge, and Reading Comprehension in Early Elementary School.
Effects of Kindergarten Entrance Age on Children's Reading and Mathematics          Achievement from Kindergarten Through Third Grade
Developing Emergent Literacy Skills
Multidimensional View of Language and Literacy Development
Examination of Gene X Socioeconomic Status Interactions for Reading Achievement
Impact of Dialect Use, Executive Functioning, and Metalinguistic Awareness on Dialect Awareness
Examining Potential Bias in Pre-Service Teachers’ Interpretations of Students’ Reading Abilities
Effects of Culturally-Responsive Teaching Practices on First Grade Students' Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Gains
Comprehension Tools for Teachers
Comprehension Tools for Teachers
Testing the Impact of Child Characteristics × Instruction Interactions on Third Graders' Reading Comprehension by Differentiating Literacy Instruction.