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Progressively Tougher Sanctioning and Recidivism
Path of Least Desistance
Social Isolation and Inmate Behavior
Who Gets Visited In Prison? Individual- And Community-level Disparities In Inmate Visitation Experiences
What is the effect of IQ on offending?
Race, Ethnic, and Gender Divides in Juvenile Court Sanctioning and Rehabilitative Intervention
Incarceration Heterogeneity and its Implications for Assessing the Effectiveness of Imprisonment on Recidivism
Assessing the Effectiveness of Correctional Sanctions
Offending and Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Criminal Justice
U.S. Prisoner Reentry Health Care Policy in International Perspective
Evidence on the Effectiveness of Juvenile Court Sanctions
Gender Differences in the Effects of Prison on Recidivism
Recidivism and Time Served in Prison
‘True’ Juvenile Offender
Self-Control Theory and Nonlinear Effects on Offending
Social Exclusion and Parental Incarceration Impacts on Adolescents’ Networks and School Engagement
effectiveness of prison for reducing drug offender recidivism
Solitary Confinement as Punishment
Prison Visitation and Recidivism
Does Inmate Behavior Affect Post-Release Offending?
Examining Prison Effects on Recidivism
Spatial Distance, Community Disadvantage, and Racial and Ethnic Variation in Prison Inmate Access to Social Ties
Prison Experiences, Social Ties, and Inmate Behavior
In Prison and Far From Home