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Relationship Of Near-surface Flow, Stokes Drift And The Wind Stress
Subinertial canyon resonance
Shelf and Shelf Edge Flow Near the DeSoto Canyon
Wind-driven shelf water flow near the Desoto Canyon
Estimation of the Effect of Eddies on Coastal El Niño Flows Using along-Track Satellite Altimeter Data
Important Contributing Factors for Estimating the Active and Total Whitecap Coverage Globally Using Satellite-Derived Parameters
Investigation of the Impacts of Greenland Ice Sheet Melting on the along-Shelf Flow on Greenland Shelves and the Labrador Sea Deep Convection
Role of Equatorial Pacific Currents in El Nino and El Nino Prediction
Barrier Layer Development Local to Tropical Cyclones
Development of New Techniques for Assimilating Satellite Altimetry Data into Ocean          Models
New Dynamical Explanation for the Abrupt Temperature Rise in the Beginning of the Holocene
Generation of Cold Core Filaments and Eddies Through Baroclinic Instability on a Continental Shelf
Seasonal Along-Isobath Geostrophic Flows on the West Florida Shelf with Application to Karenia Brevis Red Tide Blooms
Interannual Flow off Southern California and Its Influence on Water Properties and          Marine Life.
Spatio-Temporal Evolutions of Non-Orthogonal Equatorial Wave Modes Derived from Observations
Dissipation of Mesoscale Energy by Vortex-Topography Interaction
Analysis of Observations to Understand the Physics of the Connectivity Between the Deep Sea and the Coast Through the DeSoto Canyon
Coexistence of Leading Equatorial Coupled Modes for ENSO
Topographic Effects on Wind Driven Oceanic Circulation
Effects of Finite Amplitude Bottom Topography on Ocean Variability
Analysis of the Impacts of Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclones on Their Local and Large Scale Environment
Multiyear Eulerian Current Observations Near the Florida Big Bend Coast
ENSO Variability in a Changing Climate
Relationship of Interannual Variability in Western Equatorial Africa to the Tropical Oceans and Atmospheric          Circulation
Interannual Flows along Australia's Western and Southern Coasts and along the Northern Coast of the Gulf of Mexico
Local Cooling Despite Global Warming
Origin of the North Atlantic Clod Blob Revisited
Wave and Wind Direction Effects on Ocean Surface Emissivity Measurements in High Wind Conditions
Surface and Atmospheric Boundary Layer Responses to Diurnal Variations of Sea Surface Temperature in an NWP Model
Self-management of cardiac pain in women
Analysis and Prediction of Integrated Kinetic Energy in Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
Sea-Ice, Clouds and Atmospheric Conditions in the Arctic and Their Interactions as Derived from a Merged C3M Data Product