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Characteristics of established international student programs at three Florida universities
High frequency pulsed microjet actuation
Running over Unknown Rough Terrain with a One-Legged Planar Robot
Development of a Dynamic Bipedal Climbing and Multi-Modal Robotic Platform
Design and Characterization of a Dielectric Elastomer Based Variable Stiffness Mechanism for Implementation onto a Dynamic          Running Robot
High Speed Dynamic Climbing on Rough Exterior Surfaces
Passive Variable Camber for Wheeled Mobile Robots
Dynamic Modeling and Motion Planning for Robotic Skid-Steered Vehicles
Distributed Energy Management Utilizing Model Predictive Control for Naval Ship Applications
Control of Legged Robotic Systems
Towards Platform-Agnostic Terrain-Specific Gait Strategies
Efficient Control and Locomotion Strategies in Unstructured, Natural Environments
Piezohydraulicactuator Development Foractive Microjet Flow Control
Stator Winding Fault Detection for a Pmsm Using Fuzzy Logic Classifier and Neural Network Model Identification
Rut Detection and Following for Autonomous Ground Vehicles
Local Voltage Collapse Detection Method for Reliable Inverse-Time Undervoltage Relaying in a Distributed Resource Environment
Downdraft Gasification of Various Biomass Feedstocks for Energy Production
Control of the Stiffness of Robotic Appendages Using Dielectric Elastomers
Characterization and Optimization of Running with Curved Legs
Dynamic Legged Robots for Use in Multiple Regimes
Fabrication, Characterization and Evaluation of Graphite Polyvinyl Alcohol Based Piezoresistive Sensors
Transient Heat Transfer to Helium II Due to a Sudden Loss of Insulating Vacuum
Fundamentals and Methods of Terrain Classification Using Proprioceptive Sensors
Broadband Microjet Flow Control Using Piezoelectric Actuators
Terrain Classification for Autonomous Ground Vehicles Using a 2D Laser Stripe-Based Structured Light Sensor
Multiscale Characterization of Azobenzene Polymers
Shrink Tube Insulation Apparatus for Rebco Superconducting Tapes for Use in High Field Magnets
Active Control of High-Speed Free Jets Using High-Frequency Excitation
Leg Specialization Control
Motion Planning Testing Environment for Robotic Skid-Steered Vehicles
Intelligent Energy and Operation Management of AC, DC and Hybrid Microgrids Based on Evolutionary Techniques
Novel Mixed Reality Interface for Effective and Efficient Human Robot Interaction with Unique Mobility Platforms
Towards Dynamic Legged Multimodal Field Robotics
Novel Applications of Sampling-Based Model Predictive Optimization
Current Control Strategies for Three-Phase Paralleled SiC Inverters
Modeling Towards Dynamic Decomposition Based Control for Multi-Modal Legged Robotics
Manufacturing of Multimaterial Composites via Dual Robotic 3D Printing
Towards Terrain-Adaptive Feedback Control for Legged Locomotion via Understanding of Dynamic Interaction with Uncertain Rough Terrains
Dynamic Modeling and Power Modeling Forrobotic Skid-Steered Vehicles
Distributed Robust Adaptive Droop Control for DC Microgrids
Learning and Motion Planning for Gait-Based Legged Robots
Platelet Function Is Modified By Common Sequence Variation In Megakaryocyte Super Enhancers
Platelet function is modified by common sequence variation in megakaryocyte super enhancers.