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Cuban-U.S. Transnational Relationship
"As Blond as Hitler"
Raging Moderates
Kung-Fu Cowboys to Bronx B-Boys
"Pure Religion of the Gospel…Together with Civil Liberty"
Boschlopers of New Netherland and the Iroquois, 1633-1664
El Silenciamiento del Sujeto de Origen Africano en las Letras Puertorriqueñas del Siglo XIX
Worke Wee May Doe in the World" the Western Design and the Anglo-Spanish Struggle for the Caribbean, 1654-1655
Household and Family in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1811 1842
Defense of Craft
Service of Antoine-Henri Baron De Jomini in 1812-13
Romanian Media in Transition
Coming from Battle to Face a War
18th Century Transformations of the Jamaican Plantocracy
Emergency Measures and Contingency in the French Revolution, 1792-1794
"Chosen Race"
"Acribillados Y Torturados"
U.S. Citizen Opposition to the Contra War
Roots of an Artisan Community, Guadalajara, Mexico, 1791‐1842
Victory in the Cradle
Louis-Thomas Villaret de Joyeuse
Conjuring Moments and Other Such Hoodoo
Blurring the Boundaries of Cold War Foreign Relations
To Make Graver This Sin