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Magnetic particle composition for therapeutic hyperthermia
Alignment of carbon nanotubes using magnetic particles
Apparatus for continuous magnetic separation of components from a mixture
System for continuous magnetic separation of components from a mixture
Method for continuous magnetic separation of components from a mixture
Microencapsulation of magnetic material using heat stabilization
Polymeric encapsulation of nanoparticles
Characterization of Microfluidic Channels for Biodiagnostics
Design and Characterization of Mechanical Mesopumps
Effects of Unsteady Actuation on Resonance-Dominated Impinging Jets
Methodology for the Determination of the Light Distribution Profile of a Micro-Algal Photobopreactor
Self Controlled Magnetic Hyperthermia
Design and Analysis of Mechanical Micropumps
Multiphysics Analysis for Thermal Management of Electromagnetic Launchers a Coupled Electromagnetic and Thermal Problem with          Pulsating Heat Generation
Mathematical Modeling of Blood Coagulation System with Direct Thrombin Inhibitors for Use in Anticoagulant Therapy
Magnetic MEMS and Its Applications
Applications of Polymer Gel Physics
Experimantal and Theoretcal Study of Magnetic Hyperthermia
Effects of Static Magnetic Fields on Mammalian Cells
Cell and Tissue Culture Model of Airway Mucosa and Its Applications
Monolithic Hybrid Direct Methanol Fuel Cell & an Equivalent Nonlinear Electric          Circuit Model for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
Investigation and Development of the Resin Infusion Between Double Flexible Tooling (RIDFT) Process for Composite Fabrication
Development of a Digital Microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip for Automated Immunoassay with Magnetically Responsive Beads