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Frequency dependence of power and its implications for contractile function of muscle fibers from the digital flexors of horses.
functional significance of the last 5 residues of the C-terminus of cardiac troponin I.
Wonderful history of three little kittens who lost their mittens ...
Energy Transfer in Bio-Molecules's Mechanism, Validity and Applicability of Nano-Metal Surface Energy Transfer
Structural Characterizaton of Rv0008C
Reaction-Diffusion Processes in Muscle Metabolism Parametric and Sensitivity Analysis
Design of Ph-Controlled Light-Activated Reagents for Efficient Cleavage of          Double-Stranded DNA and Cancer Phototherapy
Neuroprotective Effects of Lithium in Deafferentation-Induced Cell Death of Chick Cochlear Nucleus Neurons
Effects of Acute Exercise on Hepcidin in Women
Inas Quantum Well Hall Devices for Roomtemperature Detection of Magnetic Biomolecular Labels
Surface Assembly and Intracellular Delivery of Biomolecule Conjugated Nanomaterials
Solution-Phase Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchnage Monitored by Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Investigation into the Effect of the S2 Domain of Smooth Muscle Myosin II on Its Interactions with F-actin
Thick Filament Origins of Cross-Bridges in Rigor Insect Flight Muscle
Protonation States for Selective Double Strand DNA Photoclevage in Hypoxic Tumors
Structure Study of Myosin Filament, Z-Disc and HIV Envelope Protein
Methyl supplementation attenuates cocaine-seeking behaviors and cocaine-induced c-Fos activation in a DNA methylation-dependent manner.
Immunodetection of Allergens from Mullet (Mugil Cephalus) and Salmon (Salmo Salar)
Beyond A Phenomenological Description Of Magnetostriction
Beyond A Phenomenological Description Of Magnetostriction (vol 9, 388, 2018)
Beyond a phenomenological description of magnetostriction.
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