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Music of Science
Predictability and Dynamics of the Genoa Low
African Easterly Jet
On the Structure and Frequency of Secondary Eyewall Formation in HWRF Simulations of Tropical Cyclone Harvey (2017)
Tropical Cyclogenesis from Self-Aggregated Convection in Numerical Simulations of Rotating Radiative-Convective Equilibrium
Barrier Layer Development Local to Tropical Cyclones
Impacts of Sugar Cane Agricultural Fires on Air Quality in Southern Florida
Absolute Angular Momentum Based Analytical Model for Tropical Cyclone Radial Wind Profiles
Diagnosing Errors in the Structure of Rossby Waves on the Extratropical Tropopause in Medium-Range Operational Weather Forecasts
Analysis of Prospective Fog Warning Systems Using AWOS/ASOS Station Data Throughout the State of Florida
Tracking and Analysis of Mesoscale Convective Systems over Central Equatorial Africa
Examination of Boreal Summer Sahel Rainfall Variability in the Context of the Tropical Easterly Jet
Teleconnection between Subtropical Convection and Higher Latitude Wave Activity in the Atlantic
Diabatic Processes Modifying the Structure and Evolution of Idealized Baroclinic Life Cycle Simulations
Climatological Analysis of the Extratropical Flow Response to Recurving North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
Relationship Between Meridional Mass Circulation and Extreme Temperature Events in the Southern Hemisphere
Adjustment of Visually Observed Ship Winds (Beaufort Winds) in ICOADS
Using Radar-Derived Parameters to Forecast Lightning Cessation for Nonisolated Storms
Development of the "Optimal Filters" for Mitigation of Striping Noise in Satellite Microwave Temperature and Humidity Sounding Data
Investigating the Potentially Untapped Predictability of Tropical Cyclone Genesis in Operational Global Models
Climatology of Tropical Cyclone Size in the Western North Pacific Using an Alternative Metric