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Dynamics-Guided Analysis of Tropical Waves
On the Obscured Relationship between Size and Intensity of Tropical Cyclones
Absolute Angular Momentum Based Analytical Model for Tropical Cyclone Radial Wind Profiles
Assessing Sun Glint and Nonlocal Thermal Equilibrium Effects on CrIS Data Bias
Diagnosing Errors in the Structure of Rossby Waves on the Extratropical Tropopause in Medium-Range Operational Weather Forecasts
One-Year Geostationary Satellite-Derived Fog Climatology for Florida
Biases in Satellite-Derived Temperature Trends Due to Orbital Drift, Orbital Differences and Their Corrections
Radial-Vertical Profiles of Tropical Cyclone Derived from Dropsondes
How Do Cloud Properties Contribute to Climate Change?
Understanding Climate Feedback Contributions to the Surface Temperature Response
Diabatic Processes Modifying the Structure and Evolution of Idealized Baroclinic Life Cycle Simulations
Development of the "Optimal Filters" for Mitigation of Striping Noise in Satellite Microwave Temperature and Humidity Sounding Data
Ice Cloud Properties and Their Radiative Effects
Improving Satellite-Based Snowfall Estimation
Sea-Ice, Clouds and Atmospheric Conditions in the Arctic and Their Interactions as Derived from a Merged C3M Data Product