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Local Optima in Mixture Modeling.
Examining the effect of initialization strategies on the performance of Gaussian mixture modeling.
comparison of latent class, K-means, and K-median methods for clustering dichotomous data.
method for making inferences in network analysis
simulated annealing heuristic for maximum correlation core/periphery partitioning of binary networks.
Simulated Annealing Heuristic For Maximum Correlation Core/periphery Partitioning Of Binary Networks
Empirical Investigation into the Effects of Shopping Motivation on Store Environment-Value Relationship
Three Essays on Green Marketing Strategy
From Coarse to Fine and Weak to Strong
Service Role Performance as a Workgroup Phenomenon
Customer Equity-Based Segmentation of Service Consumers
Unpacking Quality Ambidexterity
Three Essays on Innovation
Populated Polygons to Networks
Nature of Collective Identity
Informing Consumer Decision-Making