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Equilibrium, metastability, and hysteresis in a model spin-crossover material with nearest-neighbor antiferromagnetic-like and long-range ferromagnetic-like interactions
Examining the Influence of Multidestination Service Orientation on Transit Service          Productivity
Relationship between Transit Ridership and Urban Decentralization
Influence of Transit Accessibility to Jobs on the Employability of the Welfare          Recipients
Evaluating the Effect of the Work Place Built Environment on Travel Behavior of Employees in Southeast Florida
Effects of Stressed Tempo Music on Performance Times of Track Athletes
Computational Studies of Lattice Gas Models
Impact of Transit System Design on Job Accessibility of Choice and Transit Dependent Riders
Urban Politics and the Role of Planners in the Decision to Build Light Rail in Charlotte
Computational and Analytical Studies of Magnetization Switching in Iron          Nanopillars
Children's Emotional Responsiveness to Music as Measured by the Continuous Response Digital Interface and Verbal Response
Networks and Their Applications to Biological Systems
Computational Studies of Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Phase Diagrams and Critical Properties of Two Physical and Chemical                 Model Systems with Both Short-Range and Long-Range Interactions or Reactivities
Roles of Service Planning and Organizational Decisions in Influencing the Economic Sustainability of Multimodal Bus and Light Rail Transit Systems
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