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The use of social power by the black woman administrator in the community college
Characteristics of Construction Safety Trainers, the Challenges They Experience, How          They Meet These Challenges, and the Relationships Between Selected Characteristics of          Safety Trainers and Accident Rates Experienced by Their Trainees
Information Processing and College Choice
Adoption of Policies That Permit Community Colleges to Grant Bachelor Degrees in Florida
Faculty Adoption and Utilization of Web-Assisted Instruction (WAI) in Higher Education
Relationship Between Span of Control and School Performance in Selected High and Low Achieving Public Elementary Schools in Florida
Comparison of Academic Motivation of Academically Prepared and Academically Unprepared Community College Students
Perceptions, Behaviors, and Experiences of Extended Persisters in the Florida Community College System
Instructional Implications of Social Justice Pedagogy on the Teaching of Mathematics
Before the Revolution
Comparison of Online Teaching Styles in Florida Community Colleges
Relationship Between Cultural Adjustment and Motivation for Educational Participation
Participation in an Extended Orientation Course and Its Relationship with Student Involvement, Student Satisfaction, Academic          Performance, and Student Retention
Perceptions of Career Advancement Factors Held by Black Student Affairs Administrators
Conditions That Facilitate the Implementation of Distance Learning Components into Traditional Master's Degree Curricula in Nursing
Perceptions of Academic Advising and Freshman Student Retention
Relationship Between Perceived Level of Synergystic Supervision Received, Job          Satisfaction, and Intention to Turnover of New Professionals in Student Affairs          Administration
Associate Degree Programs of Public Administration in United States Public Community Colleges and Junior Colleges
How the Merit Scholars Program of Florida's Bright Futures Funding Has Affected Student Success Among African-American Students
How Baby Boomers Value Their Learning Experiences as Consumers of a Florida Community College's Educational Services
Exploration of Factors That Influence the Use of Information Technology for Institutional Effectiveness in Terms of the Research and Learning Productivity of a          College or University
Analysis of Risk Management at NCAA Division I-A Football Stadiums
Use of Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty in Community Colleges
Moral Judgment of Students Violating a University Disciplinary Code
Globalization and South Korean Educational Reform in the Mid-1990s