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Vocalizations of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Late in the Second Year of          Life
Age-Related Differences in Memory Accuracy and Memory Monitoring
Employing Protocol Analysis in the Study of Visual Interpretation of Functional          Analysis Data
Making Assisted Living a Home
Suggestibility to False Memories
Factors Affecting Life-Sustaining Treatment Decisions by Health Care Surrogates and Proxies
Comparison of the Effects of Music and Conversation on Hospice Patients' Predisposition to Communicate and Communication Behaviors
Effects of Mothers' Singing on Full-Term and Preterm Infants and Maternal Emotional Responses
Effects of Sensory Cues on Quantity and Quality of Utterances in Conversation Groups with Individuals with Dementia
Determinants of Resident Mental Health in Florida's Assisted Living Communities
Theory of Mind Performance of Individuals with Alzheimer-Type Dementia Profiles
Effect of Digitally Shortening and Lengthening Pauses on Listening Comprehension
Adaptive Mechanisms of Superior Judgment under Uncertainty
Influence of Stimulus Modality and Interstimulus Interval in Computerized Measures of Verbal Working Memory Performance in Parkinson's Disease
Effects of Lingual Effort on Measures of Swallow Function in Head and Neck Cancer