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Effects of ADHD and Test Anxiety on Reading Comprehension and Test Performance
Evaluation of a Novel Behavioral Indicator of Distress Intolerance
Individual Differences
Using Frequency Tagging to Study the Effect of Category Learning on Visual Attention to Object Parts
Matter of Priority
To Recognize or Not to Recognize
Task Switching under Threat of Shock
Examining the Relations Between Self-Regulation and Academic Achievement in Third Grade Students
Reward Positivity, but Not Feedback Negativity, Is Sensitive to Reward History (Trial Sequence Reward Context)
Components of Anti-Muslim Prejudice
Are All Measures of Inhibition Creatively Equal?
Memory Consolidation during Post-encoding Wakeful Rest
Belief Systems and Executive Functioning
Improving Undergraduates' Problem-Solving Skills through Video Gameplay
Imagining Is Believing
What Intolerance of Uncertainty and Intolerance of Ambiguity Look like
Note-Taking and Technology
Risk-Benefit Analysis and Optimization of LEED-Certified School Buildings Design and Construction
Thought Suppression Paradox in Student Athletes and Its Intervention
Role of Authority Figures' Approval in Anti-Muslim Aggression
Interpretation Bias Modification for Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Factors Underlying Conceptual Change in the Sciences and Social Sciences
Examination of the Mechanisms Driving Long-Range Prime-to-Target Structural Priming
Examining Sex Differences and the Effects of Videogame Experience on Development of Manual Control Skill in a Novel Action          Videogame
Causes and Consequences of Being Reminded
Hybrid Data Mining Models for Risk and Vulnerability Analysis of Traffic Safety
Promoting Behavioral Intentions to Defend Victims of Bullying among College Students with an Interactive Narrative Game
Novel Sites of Oxytocin Receptor Expression in the Mouse Periphery and Modulation of Pupillary Behavior by Oxytocin
Examining Action Effects in Language Processing
Decision-Making for Law Enforcement Officers
Differential Effects of Emotional State on Physiological Arousal and Pain Perception among Individuals Who Enagage in Nonsuicidal Self-Injury
Investigation of Mathematics Language and Its Relation with Mathematics and Reading
Reliably Measuring Attention Capture
Investigating the Effects of Multiple Advanced Driver Assistance Systems on Older Drivers' Simulated Driving Performance and System Acceptance
Concsious Replay during Rest and Relational Processing
Implicit Spatial Cues in Language
Expert-Performance Approach to the Study of the Development of Understanding during Complex Learning
Toward a Cross-Domain Conception of Inhibitory Control Capacity as Relevant to Impulse Control Problems
Interference and Facilitation
Can Hand Position Enhance Target Detection in a Complex, Real-World Visual Search Task?
Don't Drop the Ball!
Neurocircuitry Underlying Ketamine-Induced Antidepressant Effects during Adolescence
Age Differences in the Subjective Valuation of Technology
Exploration of the Time Course of Attention Sets for Object Features
Counting Sleep
Do Different Attention Capture Paradigms Measure Different Types of Capture?
Do Individual Differences in Attentional Control and Susceptibility to Distraction Predict Inattentional Blindness?
To Help, or Not to Help?
Identifying Associations among Negative Affect, Cognitive Biases, and Emotional Eating
Role of Prior Experience in Performance and Transfer within the Space Fortress Game