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Alternative Education and Juvenile Delinquency
Contextual Effects and Punishment Decisions
Adding Community to Care, Custody, and Control
Gender and Sentencing
Educational Deficiencies of Florida's Juvenile Justice Students
Assessment of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Florida'S Correctional          Institutions for Women
Florida's Truth in Sentencing Effectiveness on Recidivism Rates
Juvenile Sexual Offenders
Adult Family Relationships and Desistance from Crime
Social Identification and Public Opinion on White-Collar Crime
Tattooed Inmate and Recidivism
Court Intervention and Institutional Reform
Florida Teachers' Knowledge and Perceptions about Student Learning Growth, Assessment, and the Florida Value-Added Model
Integrating Mainstream Criminological Theory into the Biosocial Perspective
Effect of Inmate Occupational Prestige on Institutional Misconduct, Post-Prison Employment, and Recidivism
Exploring the Influence of Life Course Turning Points on Elder Financial Exploitation
Aging Inmate Crisis
Examining Positive Life Outcomes in the Face of Antisocial Traits
Designing Corrections
Racial Threat, Residential Segregation, "Punishment Power," and Public Policy
Policymaking in Florida's Juvenile Justice Education
Punitive State
Finding the Real Odds
Actuarial Prediction of Institutional Maladjustment and Recidivism in Severe Male Juvenile Offenders
Ecolas Do Amanhã
Juvenile Court and Contemporary Diversion