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Spin-Polarized Transport Across EUS/III-V Semiconductor Heterostructure Interfaces
Grid Computing for Physics Environments
Measurement of the Muon Charge Asymmetry in pp → W + X + → μv + X Events Using the DØ
Search for Exotic Mesons in γp → π+π+π−n with CLAS at Jefferson Lab
Manatee Behavioral Response to Approaching Boats
Effects of Seagrass on the Benthic Distribution of Copepod Resting Eggs
Undergraduate Women in STEM
Cascading Effect
Towards Automating the Establishment and Evolution of Software Traceability
Exclusivity through Challenge
Precision Measurement of the W → ΜΝ Charge Asymmetry at a Center of Mass Energy of 1.96 TeV Using the Dø Detector
Optimization of Hall Magnetometry and Single Magnetic Nanoparticle Measurements
Beta Decay Studies of Neutron-Rich ³⁰,³¹Al and in-Beam Studies of Neutron-Rich ³⁰Al
Cluster Structure of Oxygen Isotopes
Threshold Resummation and the Determination of Parton Distribution Functions
J/Ψ Yield Modification in 200 GeV Per Nucleon Au+Au Collisions with the PHENIX Experiment at RHIC
Measurement of the Triple Differential Cross Section for Photon+Jet Events with the CMS Detector at a Center of Mass Energy of 8 TeV