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Revolution Armed, Revolution Victorious
Forgotten Service
Imperial Venture
Pursuit of Equality the Continuation of Colonialism in Vietnam
Royal Navy in the Baltic from 1807-1812
Ideology, Practicality, and Fiscal Necessity
Law and Order, Accountability and Control
Plasma Aerodynamics since the End of the Cold War
Narrating (Post) Colonial Space
Revolutionary Marriage
Les Hommes sans Dieu
Art of Humbling Tyrants
Waterloo in Myth and Memory
Pestilence and Politics
Creating France
Revolution from within
Good Friday Fire of 1788
Politics of Protestantism and the French Revolution
Fibers of Empire
Systems of Slavery in the United States, 1860
Valor in Vain
Cut from Different Cloth
Little Island Will Not Be a Trifling Jewel
Health Politics in Cold War America, 1953 -1988
Materiality of Empire
Dereliction of Diplomacy
Official Word
Coalitions and Kingdoms
Progressive Protestants
‘Our Bonaparte?’
Fight Against 'Satan's Dominion'
Fashioning Tyrants
Southern Intrusions
Milner Legacy